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We care about the quality and results of our programmes, and take time to ensure that every training session is created just right.
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Train Smart

Extremely effective training methods to help athletes compete in the sport of CrossFit®. Highly experienced and knowledgable coaches do the thinking for you, providing you with a daily recipe of programming, tactics and advice designed to maximise competition performances.

Athletes Essentials – Magnesium

Magnesium is essential to all cells, acting as a cofactor for the activity of more than 300 enzyme systems. After potassium, it’s the second most abundant mineral found in the human body. Roughly one quarter is found in muscle tissue,...


CrossFit during Pregancy

Written by Sophie Rees I’m pregnant, how will this affect my training? Can I still CrossFit? Excitement. Fear. Happiness. Oh shit. Common thoughts and feelings of anyone who finds out they are pregnant. But what about, ‘how will...


Optimum Warm Up Routine

Written by Alex Rees Having spent at least 6 months researching the topic of warm up and pre-exercise preparation, I think I have come to a fairly grounded concept of the best approach. But as with all fitness or performance based...


Openly Emotional

Written by Sophie Rees February marks an important occasion in the Crossfit calendar of events-the open. For some this is the end goal in an accumulative, gruelling training programme; to beat last year’s position, or perhaps to...


The Best CrossFit Training Programme

Written by Alex Rees Context By a training programme I mean one that you follow. Effectively someone else has broken down a series of daily movements and exercises into a micro training cycle, usually ranging between 1-3 hours of work....

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