Need a little CrossFit inspiration?

  • The CrossFit Games were created in 2007, to host the world’s top athletes.

    Every year since its inception, both participation and sponsorship have grown rapidly. To put it into perspective, prize money for first place was $500 in 2007, in 2015 the prize for first place was $275,000. Participation has also grown from 70 participants in 2007 to 273,000 people signing up to compete in 2015.

  • In just 15 Years, 10,000 Affiliate CrossFit Gyms have opened up worldwide.

    Created in 1995, CrossFit has grown from a small town gym to a world renowned fitness movement. The CrossFit brand has spread to all 6 continents and is continuing to grow with more than 3 applicants daily. It is now one of the biggest fitness movements in the world, with over 10,000 gyms worldwide and an even bigger base of followers.

  • Rich Froning in 2010

    Clean & Jerk 255 lb
    Snatch 200 lb
    Deadlift 455 lb
    Back Squat 365 lb
    Fran 2:30
    Grace 2:10
    Fight Gone Bad 375

  • Rich Froning in 2016.

    Clean & Jerk 375 lb
    Snatch 305 lb
    Deadlift 570 lb
    Back Squat 475 lb
    Fran 2:13
    Grace 1:11
    Fight Gone Bad 508

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