This programme is exclusively tailored and designed to cater for the needs of athletes with busy lives and commitments.

The programming is dense with content and individuals wanting to follow the programme will need to be committed during each and every training session.

It will enable you to compete at the highest levels and progress in all aspects of your training.



Focused will provide you with 6 full days of training per week. Lasting approximately 60 minutes per session, with an additional workout per-day, if you feel its necessary.


Blog Access

Receive additional exclusive information, including, tutorials, demonstrations and featured content. This will help further progress your performance and results.

Warm Up


A series of easy to follow warm-up flow videos. This offers the ideal motor mechanics and movement patterns to optimally prepare athletes before training sessions.



Downloadable training diaries, training log books, diet & nutrition diaries and more. Helping you to monitor and record all your training PBs, progress and goals.



Be safe in the knowledge that we are here to help. Providing you video analysis. We will break down complex movements and offer sustainable solutions & advice.

Support &


We have an abundance of knowledge and experience at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us by any means, if you need help with anything.

Resources &

Workout Diary

An easy to print document, to track your training progress and keep a log of your workouts.

Food Diary

An easy to print document, to track your food eating habits and calorie intake and output.

PB Log Book

An easy to print document, to keep track of all your personal bests and goals for the year.

Movements Library

All those tricky little movements and complexes you might not of heard of or seen before.

Warm Up Flow

Preparing the body to workout, with a list of easy to follow warm-up flow videos.

Music Playlists

A list of great playlists to help push athletes harder, increase intensity and motivate.

Scaling Libary

A list of scaling strategies to help athletes get exactly what they need from each session.

Benchmark WODs

A comprehensive list of Benchmark and Hero WODs, to test your progression.



A step loading microcycle can add the greatest amount of shock to a stagnate training regime. Increasing the training demands with planned overreaching and concentrated loading. Athletes can expect to see significant disturbance to fitness output. Incorporating planned recovery and rest days will allow sufficient time for super-compensation in which the body is working at an elevated performance than before.



A series of step loading, across multiple weeks and months. Incorporating a 3 week block of gradual increase of intensity x volume and total work output, followed by a de-load or restitution week to allow the body to recover. Including a combination of high variation and training effects, creating a bigger increase in training adaptation and improvement long term.



Functional training is often criticised for its poor coaching and bad technique. So why not let a professional who knows what they’re doing, who understands about physical pathways and periodisation take care of it for you? Once you have created a membership, your daily programming is at your fingertips. Hassle-free, effective, and with proven results.



Example Day 1

Power Clean Complex
1 Power Clean into
1 Below the knee Power Clean
Build to a weight equal to 85% or your 1RM Power Clean, then perform 1 Complex every 1:30 for 7 rounds.

CP: No star fishing (Feet wide apart), focus on excellent footwork, moving from jump position (Roughly hip width apart) into squat/landing position.

Front Squat
6 x 6 @ 70% 1RM
Rest 2:00 between sets
Tempo should be 2 seconds down, 1 second pause and drive straight up. Only rest 1-2 seconds at the top.

CP: The idea is to minimise bouncing at the bottom of the movement and focus of building strength through time under tension.

Example Day 2

Bench Press
4 x 10 @ 60-70% 1RM
5 Second negative each rep

CP: If you have never done tempo bench this will feel weird and wrong but stick with it. 5 seconds on the way down and fast back up. Grab a partner if you need one to slow you down.

Example day 3

Snatch Complex
1 Squat Snatch into
3 Overhead Squats
10 Rounds new round every 1:30

CP: Start at a moderate weight, gradually building up over the first 5 rounds. Aiming to finish the remaining 5 rounds somewhere around your 80% 1RM. Form is important throughout, for any stepping or walking with the bar repeat that set again.


Your membership provides you with access to your chosen programme. The programme is updated every Sunday, ready for the following week. Memberships work off a monthly direct debit from your initial payment method. An agreed monthly payment will be taken on the same day every month, as the date you signed up on.
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