The RISE programme offers athletes a chance to progress from standard foundations of CF classes / training and transition into a more specific training format. Targeting strength, skill and metabolic conditioning in a layered and comprehensive approach. Thus allowing for further growth and improvement in order to develop into a more well-rounded and capable athlete. It’s essentially the starting blocks for any aspiring competitor.



Rise programming will provide you with 6 full days of varied training per week. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes and cater for a range of abilities.


Blog Access

Receive additional exclusive information, including, tutorials, demonstrations and featured content. This will help further progress your performance and results.

Warm Up


A series of easy to follow warm-up flow videos. This offers the ideal motor mechanics and movement patterns to optimally prepare athletes before training sessions.



Downloadable training diaries, training log books, diet & nutrition diaries and more. Helping you to monitor and record all your training PBs, progress and goals.



Be safe in the knowledge that we are here to help. Providing you video analysis. We will break down complex movements and offer sustainable solutions & advice.

Support &


We have an abundance of knowledge and experience at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us by any means, if you need help with anything.




Workout Diary

An easy to print document, to track your training progress and keep a log of your workouts.

Food Diary

An easy to print document, to track your food eating habits and calorie intake and output.

PB Log Book

Coming Soon

An easy to print document, to keep track of all your personal bests and goals for the year.

Movements Library

Working on it

All those tricky little movements and complexes you might not of heard of or seen before.

Warm Up Flow

Preparing the body to workout, with a collection of easy to follow warm-up flow videos.

Music Playlists

A list of some our favourite playlists to push athletes harder and increase intensity.

Scaling Libary

Coming Soon

A list of scaling strategies to help athletes get exactly what they need from each session.

Benchmark WODs

Working on it

A comprehensive list of Benchmark and Hero WODs, to test your progression.




Example Day 1

Banded Crab Walks
3 x 20 Steps (10 Each way)
Rest 1:00 Min between sets
CP: Use a fairly thin small band just above the knees, keeping a quarter squat move with small shuffles in one direction. Check demo out here

Example Day 2

a) Power Snatch
10 Rounds
2 Power Snatches Building
New Round every 90 Seconds
CP: All reps are non touch and go. Drop and reset after each rep. Build up over the 10 sets, aiming for perfect technique with no stepping in the catch.

Example day 3

a) Squat Cleans & Hang Cleans
20 Minutes (10 Min on Each)
Build to a heavy single for both clean and hang clean.
CP: Ensure you are fully warm before going into any heavy cleans. Aim for a big pull, close bar-path and fast turnover. Immediately push up against the bar in the catch, keeping chest up and knees out.


Your membership provides you with access to your chosen programme. The programme is updated every Sunday, ready for the following week. Memberships work off a monthly direct debit from your initial payment method. An agreed monthly payment will be taken on the same day every month, as the date you signed up on.